Price List
Arugula (Organic, Wild)                    $4.90/lb.
Beet Greens                                        $4.90/lb.
Cabbage (Red, Green)                        $1.65/lb.
Collard Greens                                     $3.00/lb.
Head Lettuce                                       $4.00/lb.
Lettuce (assorted)                               $4.90/lb.
Mache & Claytonia                             $7.00/lb.
Mizuna Mustard                                 $4.90/lb.
Mild Gourmet Lettuce Mix                 $4.90/lb.
Napa/Savoy Cabbage                          $2.20/lb.
Nasturtium Large Leaves                    $4.90/lb.
Kale (All types)                                      $4.90/lb.
Romaine (Red, Green)                         $4.90/lb.
Sassy Salad                                          $4.90/lb.
Spinach (Tyee, Bloomsdale)               $4.90/lb.
Strawberry Spinach Leaves                 $4.90/lb.
Swiss Chard                                           $4.25/lb.

Basil                                                    $9.60/lb.
Chervil                                               $12.00/lb.
Cilantro                                               $9.60/lb.
Chives (Garlic, Regular)                      $9.60/lb.
Dill                                                     $16.00/lb.
French Tarragon                               $16.00/lb.
Garlic                                                $15.00/lb.
Garlic Scapes                                      $6.40/lb.
Marjoram                                           $9.60/lb.
Mint                                                    $9.60/lb.
Oregano                                              $9.60/lb.
Parsley Flat Leaf                                 $9.60/lb.
Rosemary                                            $9.60/lb.
Sage                                                    $9.60/lb.
Shallots                                              $14.00/lb.
Shiso Herb                                           $9.60/lb.         
Thyme                                                 $9.60/lb.
Green Coriander                              $5.00/oz.

Micro and Petite Greens
(Please see Policies/Procedures for more information)
Class 1 Micros +/- 2 week grow time                         $7.00/oz.
Amaranth, Anise, Broccoli, Bulls Blood Beet, Buckwheat, Carrot, Celery, Chervil, Cilantro, Corn Shoots, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Lemon Balm, Lemon Mint, Mild Micro Mix, Mizuna, Parsley, Purslane, Radish, Shungi Ku, Spicy Mix, Wasabi,
Class 2 Micros +/- 3 week grow time                         $8/00/oz.
Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil
Class 3 Micros +/- 4 week grow time                         $10.00/oz.
Red Veined Sorrel, Shiso
Flats Micro Greens                              $20.00/ea.
Pea Shoots (still growing in flat)
Petite Greens                                        $3.50/oz.
Sunflower, Shiso Petites
Red Mizuna Petites                              $25.00/lb.
Fruits and Vegetables
Apples                                                 $4.00/lb.
Beans (Green, Purple)                       $6.00/lb.
Beets W/Tops                                      $3.00/lb.
Broccoli                                               $4.00/lb.
Broccoli Raab                                      $4.20/lb.
Carrots (All Types)                              $3.00/lb.
Cauliflower                                         $3.00/lb.
Celeriac/Celery Root                          $5.00/lb.
Cucumbers                                          $2.00/lb.
Eggplant                                              $4.20/lb.
Fava Beans                                          $4.00/lb.
Fava Greens                                        $4.00/lb.
Figs                                                      $8.00/lb.
Fennel Bulbs W/Tops                          $4.20/lb.
Finger Lime (Austrailian)                  $40.00/lb.
Gherkins (Mexican)                            $6.00/lb.
Kohlrabi                                               $4.00lb.
Leeks                                                   $3.00/lb.
Meyer Lemon                                     $7.00/lb.         
Okra                                                    $5.00/lb.
Onions Bunching                                 $9.00/lb.
Onions Storage                                   $4.00/lb.
Peppers Anaheim                                $4.00/lb.
Peppers Bell or Paquillo                     $4.00/lb.
Peppers Hot Thai or Aji                       $6.00/lb.
Plums                                                  $4.00/lb.
Pumpkin                                              $1.00/lb.
Radish                                                 $3.00/lb.
Summer Squash                                  $3.00/lb.
Winter Squash                                     $3.00/lb.
Tomatillos                                           $4.00/lb.
Tomatoes Cherry                                $5.00/lb.
Tomatoes Lg.                                      $5.00/lb.
Turnip                                                  $3.00/lb.
Watermelon                                        $2.00/lb.
Zucchini                                               $1.60/lb.

Bachelor Buttons                                $7.00/oz.
Borage                                                   $7.00/oz.
Calendula                                            $7.00/oz.
Dianthus                                              $7.00/oz.
Hyssop Anise                                       $7.00/oz.
Lavender Flower                                 $7.00/oz.
Lavender w/ stems                             $3.00/oz.
Marigold                                             $7.00/oz
Nasturtium                                          $7.00/oz.
Nasturtium Sm. Leaves                     $10.00/oz.
Violas                                                  $7.00/oz.
Seasonal Herb Flowers                       $7.00/oz.
Squash Blossoms                                 $0.25/Ea.
Strawberry Spinach Berries                $7.00/oz.

Verju   250ml. btl                               $10.00/btl.

​Policies and Procedures
Chefs will receive a text with current product inventory on Mondays for delivery the following afternoon- please text back promptly to ensure your order.Because of limited supply we adhere to a “first-come-first-served” approach when filling orders. We do our best to share the harvest amongst all who order.    Thursday pickup is available- please place orders by 3pm Wednesday.Micro/petite greens are grown and purchased by special order only. The order can be standing or onetime; please keep in mind grow time is anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks for your first order, depending on the variety.  With standing orders, the last order will be delivered 1 to 4 weeks later upon termination of request- again; timing is dependent on the growth time for the micro/petite green.  Please let us know if you have any questions.Many items on this list are seasonal.$25.00 Minimum order for delivery. $10.00 Delivery charge for orders under $25.00. Pick up available.We look forward to collaborating with chefs in order to improve our product offering- please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions!