Frog Bench Farms
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Price List
Frog Bench Farms (FBF) is an organic urban farm nestled into the Wasatch foothills of Salt Lake City growing 1.5 acres of high quality veggies, herbs, fruits, nuts, micro/petite greens and edible flowers since 2012. Whenever possible all plants are started from seed. We utilize cold frames, low/high hoop houses and our 2800 square foot greenhouse to grow year round. Our small organization sells to local restaurants and food trucks in a 15 mile radius.  Currently our staff consists of Paula and Joe Sargetakis (Owners), Molly Clark (farm manager) and 1 to 3 part-time interns from local colleges/universities.

Arugula (Organic, Wild)                    $4.90/lb.
Beet Greens                                        $4.90/lb.
Cabbage (Red, Green)                        $1.65/lb.
Collard Greens                                     $3.00/lb.
Head Lettuce                                       $4.00/lb.
Lettuce (assorted)                               $4.90/lb.
Mache & Claytonia                             $7.00/lb.
Mizuna Mustard                                 $4.90/lb.
Mild Gourmet Lettuce Mix                 $4.90/lb.
Napa/Savoy Cabbage                          $2.20/lb.
Nasturtium Large Leaves                    $4.90/lb.
Kale (All types)                                      $4.90/lb.
Romaine (Red, Green)                         $4.90/lb.
Sassy Salad                                          $4.90/lb.
Spinach (Tyee, Bloomsdale)               $4.90/lb.
Strawberry Spinach Leaves                 $4.90/lb.
Swiss Chard                                           $4.25/lb.
Basil                                                    $9.60/lb.
Chervil                                               $12.00/lb.
Cilantro                                               $9.60/lb.
Chives (Garlic, Regular)                      $9.60/lb.
Dill                                                     $16.00/lb.
French Tarragon                               $16.00/lb.
Garlic                                                $15.00/lb.
Garlic Scapes                                      $6.40/lb.
Marjoram                                           $9.60/lb.
Mint                                                    $9.60/lb.
Oregano                                              $9.60/lb.
Parsley Flat Leaf                                 $9.60/lb.
Rosemary                                            $9.60/lb.
Sage                                                    $9.60/lb.
Shallots                                              $14.00/lb.
Shiso Herb                                           $9.60/lb.         
Thyme                                                 $9.60/lb.
Green Coriander                              $5.00/oz.

Fruits and Vegetables
Apples                                                 $4.00/lb.
Beans (Green, Purple)                       $6.00/lb.
Beets W/Tops                                      $3.00/lb.
Broccoli                                               $4.00/lb.
Broccoli Raab                                      $4.20/lb.
Carrots (All Types)                              $3.00/lb.
Cauliflower                                         $3.00/lb.
Celeriac/Celery Root                          $5.00/lb.
Cucumbers                                          $2.00/lb.
Eggplant                                              $4.20/lb.
Fava Beans                                          $4.00/lb.
Fava Greens                                        $4.00/lb.
Figs                                                      $8.00/lb.
Fennel Bulbs W/Tops                          $4.20/lb.
Finger Lime (Austrailian)                  $40.00/lb.
Gherkins (Mexican)                            $6.00/lb.
Kohlrabi                                               $4.00lb.
Leeks                                                   $3.00/lb.
Meyer Lemon                                     $7.00/lb.         
Okra                                                    $5.00/lb.
Onions Bunching                                 $9.00/lb.
Onions Storage                                   $4.00/lb.
Peppers Anaheim                                $4.00/lb.
Peppers Bell or Paquillo                     $4.00/lb.
Peppers Hot Thai or Aji                       $6.00/lb.
Plums                                                  $4.00/lb.
Pumpkin                                              $1.00/lb.
Radish                                                 $3.00/lb.
Summer Squash                                  $3.00/lb.
Winter Squash                                     $3.00/lb.
Tomatillos                                           $4.00/lb.
Tomatoes Cherry                                $5.00/lb.
Tomatoes Lg.                                      $5.00/lb.
Turnip                                                  $3.00/lb.
Watermelon                                        $2.00/lb.
Zucchini                                               $1.60/lb.
Bachelor Buttons                                $7.00/oz.
Borage                                                   $7.00/oz.
Calendula                                            $7.00/oz.
Dianthus                                              $7.00/oz.
Hyssop Anise                                       $7.00/oz.
Lavender Flower                                 $7.00/oz.
Lavender w/ stems                             $3.00/oz.
Marigold                                             $7.00/oz
Nasturtium                                          $7.00/oz.
Nasturtium Sm. Leaves                     $10.00/oz.
Violas                                                  $7.00/oz.
Seasonal Herb Flowers                       $7.00/oz.
Squash Blossoms                                 $0.25/Ea.
Strawberry Spinach Berries                $7.00/oz.

Verju   250ml. btl                               $10.00/btl.
Micro and Petite Greens
(Please see Policies/Procedures for more information)
Class 1 Micros +/- 2 week grow time                         $7.00/oz.
Amaranth, Anise, Broccoli, Bulls Blood Beet, Buckwheat, Carrot, Celery, Chervil, Cilantro, Corn Shoots, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Lemon Balm, Lemon Mint, Mild Micro Mix, Mizuna, Parsley, Purslane, Radish, Shungi Ku, Spicy Mix, Wasabi,
Class 2 Micros +/- 3 week grow time                         $8/00/oz.
Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil
Class 3 Micros +/- 4 week grow time                         $10.00/oz.
Red Veined Sorrel, Shiso
Flats Micro Greens                              $20.00/ea.
Pea Shoots (still growing in flat)
Petite Greens                                        $3.50/oz.
Sunflower, Shiso Petites
Red Mizuna Petites                              $25.00/lb.
Policies and Procedures
Chefs will receive a text with current product inventory on Mondays for delivery the following afternoon- please text back promptly to ensure your order.Because of limited supply we adhere to a “first-come-first-served” approach when filling orders. We do our best to share the harvest amongst all who order.    Thursday pickup is available- please place orders by 3pm Wednesday.Micro/petite greens are grown and purchased by special order only. The order can be standing or onetime; please keep in mind grow time is anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks for your first order, depending on the variety.  With standing orders, the last order will be delivered 1 to 4 weeks later upon termination of request- again; timing is dependent on the growth time for the micro/petite green.  Please let us know if you have any questions.Many items on this list are seasonal.$25.00 Minimum order for delivery. $10.00 Delivery charge for orders under $25.00. Pick up available.We look forward to collaborating with chefs in order to improve our product offering- please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions!